When Do Challenges Go Live?

I haven’t observed a challenge be uploaded or when it goes live assuming that it would go live midnight PST/PDT. Therefore, I’d like to ask when do challenges go live/get uploaded exactly? Or is it uploaded by a member of the dev/management team so it’ll always be inconsistent.

That’s a good question, I’ve passed second challenge but third is still closed.

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In the past it was as if someone manually released the challenges. Typically it’s been shortly after midnight, when someone hits the button.

Good morning!

Typically it’s at midnight EST, however the last two were manually deployed to confirm that the issues surrounding the extra challenge availability are fixed.

Expect the challenges to be released at midnight by the end of the week.

Have fun with the challenges!

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Midnight EST (Eastern Standard Time) is 10pm MST (Mountain Standard Time) and also 9pm PST (Pacific Standard Time).

There is no denying that. However if you read the Terms and Conditions, a document I am told that I am now legally bound to by participating in this coding challenge, the start time for each day runs from midnight EST to 11:59:59 pm. PST. That makes no sense. So each contest day is 27 hours? I have already posted about this but no one seems to want to get back to me about it. It just feels like a kind of contractual screw up that opens loopholes for people to take advantage of. If I am misunderstanding something along the way, please let me know.

I mean the “Terms and Conditions” also says something along the lines of:
...each daily challenge consists of 5 multiple choice questions...
which doesn’t make sense whatsoever, sooo idk there are a LOT of issues with the document

Exactly. There are more holes in it than swiss cheese. My biggest letdown is that my stepson is not allowed to win prizes, or even participate for that matter. He’s 15. Most of the prizes are geared towards someone his age. Not mine. I’m 38. But then again, with all the issues in the “Terms and Conditions” how am I supposed to know what is a screw-up and what is not. Holding a contest like this is probably is not THAT expensive as one may think (a lot of prizes are donated or traded for advertising plugs during the event), but it probably isn’t cheap either. Considering the nature of the challenge, I really feel all of the glitches (late posting of challenges and unfair team numbers) and poor word-choice in the “legal” contract are just going to cause problems if the winners are at all disputed.

Hi Sonicthecronic!

It is indeed 24:00EST / 22:00MST / 21:00PST for the starting point of the challenge, and it does end at 24:00PST.

That means that the available time to complete a challenge to be eligible for a daily prize is 27 hours. The goal of this is to let people complete the challenge during their day, wherever they are across Canada.

It doesn’t open any loopholes, since those times are used to aggregate the users that completed the daily challenge.

Thank you for your understanding,

The Lighthouse Labs Team