21 Day Coding Challenge

Welcome to the 21 Day Coding Challenge Help Forum!


Welcome to the 21 Day Coding Challenge Help Forum!

We’re here to support you throughout the 21-Day Coding Challenge. This forum is your dedicated space to join the community discussion. You might not get a quick answer, but you’ll learn and grow as a community facing the same challenges and finding answers together. As you work through the challenges, we encourage you to use this community to ask questions and help others.

Code can be formatted using simple HTML, BBCode, or Markdown. We recommend using code blocks when showing example pieces of code do this by adding three ` before and after your code. So it will appear like this:

# code block
print '3 backticks or'
print 'indent 4 spaces'

While we encourage you to help others with their questions on this forum, please do not post full solutions. It’s important for everyone to work through their own solution so they can gain experience with debugging, paying close attention to instructions, and thinking about the logical flow of their code. Problem solving skills are a coder’s best friend :smile:

Ask questions or chat about coding - other learners are your best resource!

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