Teammate Unable to Login


One of my teammates is unable to login to their challenges. Am I able to kick them off of my team and send them a link to join my team again?

They cannot figure out what they used to sign up for the challenge.

Thank you,

Hi! I’m Monica, Communications Mgr at Lighthouse Labs. Were you and your teammate able to figure this out or do you need help?

Hi Monica, no not yet. He is on my team in the coding challenge. His user name is prokobre I believe but he cannot login. He doesnt remember the email he signed up with.

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Alright, I’ll let our team know. Tell your teammate not to give up! We’ll get you all set up as soon as we can!!

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Hi Monica, still waiting for a response for this. My team member would like to complete the challenges but if he cannot login I’d prefer he just be kicked off my team. He’d just sign back up afterwards.

Hi! I followed up with our tech team for you. Hopefully they’ll get this sorted super soon!!