Team with no members

Do team leaders with no members still get daily prizes?

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I am wondering the same, my team has only two members and we are making all the challenges. Can we still get prizes?


Hi there! Monica here from Lighthouse Labs!

The daily prize draw is for ALL 21DCC participants that complete that day’s challenge, regardless of whether they are on a team.

Maybe the two of you could team up though, and grow your team to 3 for a better chance at the final Team Prize? *hint hint :wink:

How do we do that? I thought once a team was formed your with it until the end.

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UPDATE: we are working on it and we hope to roll that functionality out between now and next week. Woohoo!

Not necessarily. For Team Captains it is a little trickier, but it’s possible. I’ll flag this to our tech team and they will follow up with you.

In the meantime, get ready for Challenge 5 today!! Wooo!

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I have a question: Where is the daily prize winner list? Or is it only sent to winners via email?

Hi there!

We announce the daily winners in our Instagram/Facebook Stories, and we will be posting the full weekly list on Mondays here as well.

Thanks ! It also solves my own topic on the subject !

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