Team prize award unfair?

So upon reading the rules, it states that the Team Prize will be awarded to the Team with the most points and upon tie, the one who completes it first. I feel like that is a bit unfair. Anyone with a lot of experience coding will obviously have a massive advantage. And others, who are just learning it for the first time because of this challenge (like our team) have basically no chance at all. Wouldn’t it make much more sense to do a random draw from all the teams who have completed and gotten the max score after Dec 12?

Not only that, but making the winner the “first to complete” also gives certain teams time zone advantages as some would have to stay up super late/get up super early just to have a chance. I dunno, just my thoughts.


I’m not a coder but I tend to have my entry in within a couple minutes of the day roll over.

I was also a lonewolf most of the event so it doesn’t affect me.

I showed a developer friend a couple days ago, and they’re trying to catch up now, but honestly, they’ve had more trouble than me, because as someone who works in development every day, they’re used to certain languages, and tool chains, and frameworks.

Bringing it down to pure JavaScript brings them out of their comfort area and is costing them a significant amount of time.

I’m in Eastern timezone, but I sleep like 3 hours a day.
So is my abnormal sleep cycle an unfair advantage? How can they account for that?

Nothing will ever be a perfectly even playing field, and I can already tell bouncing through the teams of 4, there will be many full-point finishers, so I expect it to come down to the “first completed team” scenario.

I guess, everyone should have their coffee ready on the last night :smiley:

Although, as I think about it, if they captured a timestamp at the first moment each person opened a challenge, and measured the difference from the time they submit. That would probably be better, as they would then have a rough estimate of time to complete all challenges combined, instead of who stays of late on the last night. :sweat_smile:

Far too late to make such a change if they wanted to at this point however, because plenty of people have done the challenges expecting the rules to be this way, and the way the did their tests and completion would reflect that expectation.


Right, exactly. They can’t, which is why I feel it’s only fair to remove variables like that but I guess I can appreciate wanting to make things a “race” and exciting.

I’m just an older dad learning to code for the very first time because I want to win and buy Costco groceries for the fam, lol. But I don’t think it’s within the realm of possibility, especially since I rely on the help from others in the challenges.


Understandable. Especially this time of year. I’m planning a Costco trip the fam myself tonight. (Ugh Friday @ Costco)

As you saw, I stumbled on a more even playing field option while rambling, but it sadly is too late to change the game.

I think time-to-complete would be a much better tie breaker than first-to-submit.

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Not at all surprised to see competition heat up for those irresistible Costco gift cards! Costco runs are LIFE! (but on a Friday night?! That’s straight-up hardcore!).

As @brokensyntax mentioned, not much we can do at this point. The Terms and Conditions bind us to follow the process listed there. There is no perfect way to award the Team Prize and all other prizes (daily prizes, finalist and grand prizes) are indeed based on a lottery system. Definitely food for thought for our next challenges (oh yah, we got plansssss).

We’re rooting for all teams and in a perfect world, you all deserve those sweet sweet Costco dollars! So give it your best shot and extra kudos for juggling family life, life in general and still making it to the tail end of the challenge!! YOU’RE AMAZING!


I guess I will have to set an alarm to get up at 11:55 pm tomorrow night to get the challenge done… Or maybe I shouldn’t say that because I think about 50 other teams are tied for 1st and will take my idea!

Well, it has been a fun challenge!

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I don’t like the term “bind”. What about the 5 multiple choice questions that are supposed to be asked every night

“Each Daily Coding challenge will consist of five (5) multiple choice questions.”

So I hardly think “bind” is the right word to use here. Although LHL has given themselves an “out” if you read all the fine print. They pretty much have carte blanche to do what they want.

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Yep, so sad. I have work at night and won’t even be able to complete it in time. :confused:

I’m not even part of a team and I’ve been knocking these challenges out of the park :sweat_smile:

Challenges come available at midnight, may as well stay up late tonight and try to get the last one done as a team as soon as you can.

Conversely, is it entirely fair to be awarding the best prizes in a “21-day challenge” to people who might not complete any but the final challenge on-time, while still benefitting from the substantial challenge-specific detailed support for each preceding challenge in the forums?

This is billed as a habit-creating 3-week program. But someone could register in the very last hours and do all the challenges on the last day, benefiting from the broad and explicit hints in the forums, and still qualify for the finalist prizes. If they at least do the very last one quickly, a whole team could additionally win the team prize that way.

My supposition is that earlier similar programs did not require every previous challenge to be completed to move to the next, so contestants could choose to miss a day, but otherwise still be involved (while sacrificing their shot at the finalist prizes). Then the biggest prizes would be reserved for those who actually do dedicate the “21-days” described to building the coding habit, participating in the forums, driving repeated traffic to the website and all the rest.

But for this challenge, it was deemed necessary to complete all previous steps before moving forward, so the challenge-creators presumably decided not to require timeliness, in order to allow those who miss a day to still be motivated to come back and keep trying. (As a sop to the on-time entries, they offered some small daily prizes by lottery.)

Given the disconnect between the official rules and the actual practice in this case, I presume they didn’t plan ahead for all this nuance.

So perhaps the ability for a fast team to win is “unfair”, but I believe it is nice to have at least one achievement-based award, since all the rest is just a random draw among everyone who crosses the finish line, whether through their own on-going commitment, previous expert-level skills, or by binging the challenges and support voluntarily created in the forums whenever they felt it convenient.

I’m new to this. I’m not young either. I read the rules at the beginning and recognized my low chances of “winning”, as should anyone entering a contest where the prize is the main motivator. I would like the Costco prize (or some of the other prizes), but I am mainly here to learn in a supportive environment, the opportunity for which I feel grateful.

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Had a lot of fun with these challenges, though I’d just like to add that I agree with the original poster on this one. The highest points/speed as tie breaker rule was really disappointing to see, and I do hope that it’s reconsidered for future contests.

I was pretty baffled reading the rules re: the team prize. Everything else was great with the random draws and all, but the team prize should have been something more along the lines of…

…Points are pooled by team and then there’s a random draw for the prize at the end of the day. More points, more entries in the team prize draw. Bigger teams might have a better chance, sure, but this way it doesn’t completely exclude those who work nights/have obligations or just have a 2-3 person team instead of 4. While still encouraging larger teams.

I understand the desire to want to push people to make teams, both from a fun perspective but also from a marketing point of view. But this was disappointing to see, my partner and I would have loved $1000 for Costco :slight_smile:

We had fun regardless. This was my first completed daily coding challenge ever and I’m looking forward to more challenges in the future. Good luck to all! Congrats to the winners!