Team Prize and Leaderboards Question


I just had a question about how we get team points, do we get team points by completing the challenge the day that it is released? or can we do them later and still receive those team points? does every team member have to complete the challenge before we are awarded team points?

Also, for the team prize, assuming we have tied with another team, whoever submits their code first as a team are the ones who win the team prize correct?

What do the leaderboards represent? just how many people completed the challenges as a team or does it also represent who’s fastest/has overall more points etc?

Thanks in advance for your response.

Hi French-Flies!

Team points are accumulated whenever you do them!

No, your team score gets updated as soon as you submit your challenge solution.

Leaderboard represents the amount of points each team has, at the moment of loading the page. In case of the same amount of points, they are ordered by team creation time at the moment (although this is subject to change)

Have a nice day!