Some Questions For The LHL Team

  • Is there a cutoff day when we can last join teams?

  • How long do you think all the code remains on the site?
    I assume it won’t be here indefinitely, so is there a way to easily export all the code?
    Ideally, I can archive my experience on my Github and look back whenever I want.

Lastly, Nah I think that’s all for now.

Looking forward to the story’s finale!

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Glad you’re enjoying the story! It was a lot of fun for us to develop, too!

There is no cutoff date for joining teams, though to be eligible for the Team Prize your last challenge needs to be submitted as part of your “final” team.

I am not sure about exporting the code…I’m going to tag my tech superpower buddy @LHL-Team here to see what they have to say about that.

Good luck with the rest of the challenge!!

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Hi Slaypoons!

That’s an interesting idea!

At this point, there is no automated way to download all the code that you wrote, so you’ll need to copy paste everything one by one.

Not making any promises, but it would be interesting to generate a file containing all the code that you’ve written at the end of the 21 day challenges!