Second Week Daily Prize Winners!

Congratulations to everyone reading this, you made it through Week 2 of our 21DCC!!!

WOOHOO!! Pat yourselves on the back for making it this far: only one week left, you phenoms!!

Keep going and keep coding: you could be one of the next daily prize winners!

Here is the lucky bunch from the second week of the 21-Day Coding Challenge (Challenges 8-14). To get these updates in real-time, follow us on Instagram or Facebook. The easiest way to know if you won is to check your email: if there is a message in your Inbox from us with the subject line “You Won a 21DCC Daily Prize!” you won one of the daily prizes! Congrats to these lucky ducks…or should we say, Lucky Larry’s??

Day 8

  • SherMar - $30 Spotify Gift Card
  • jonatodd (BOOST winner) - $200 Sobey’s Gift Card

Day 9

  • tsizzle - $25 Apple Gift Card
  • isabelab86 - $25 Amazon Gift Card

Day 10

  • luizpveo - $25 UberEats Gift Card
  • pjleimbigler - $25 EB / Gamestop Games Gift Card

Day 11

  • ccervant - $50 Sobey’s Gift Card
  • trombonist (BOOST winner) - $200 Best Buy Gift Card

Day 12

  • Borna - $50 Google Play Gift Card
  • mcxiii - $50 Google Play Gift Card

Day 13

  • dani.jourdain - $50 Amazon Gift Card
  • Icesis - $50 Apple Gift Card

Day 14

  • innyoungs - $50 EB / Gamestop Games Gift Card
  • namtranhoai - $50 UberEats Gift Card

Congrats to the winners! Keep smashing those daily challenges :sunglasses:


Seeing as how the daily prizes are random draws, is it possible to win more than one daily prize? I wonder what the beyond-astronomical odds would be for a single person to win a prize for everyday of the competition. Lol. Or both daily prizes, for that matter.


Congratulations to all the winners!!!

You could theoretically win multiple prizes throughout the 21-Day Coding Challenge, but given the amount of participants, the chances really are astronomical :comet:

Congrats to all the winners!

@danielle.lighthouse How many participants are there?

Someone from LHL said there were over 6000 people participating. However, that was back in the first week. I am curious how many people have joined since then or how many people have essentially stopped playing.

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Indeed, we started with around 6k and we are now close to 7k!! WUT?!

We plan on doing a recap of total participation and other fun stats once the challenge is over, so keep your eyes peeled for that!


Congrats to all winners!