Points update announcement

Hi everyone!

We wanted to take a moment to clarify your questions about collecting points and other related matters found in the 21DCC’s Terms and Conditions (Ts & Cs).

We listened and we are here to let you know that…you were right. This one’s on us, friends. So without further ado, here are the updates around the points system you’ve been asking about. insert dramatic drumroll


Later today, we will roll out the Points system for Teams to reflect what is laid out in the Terms & Conditions. This means that previous challenge completion points will be tallied up and updated to where each member of your team is at this stage. The Leaderboard will automatically update point totals moving forward. Don’t you worry: no prizing or prize winner will be harmed in the making of these changes.

Some of you have also asked questions about how the number of points for each challenge is decided: these Ts & Cs are based on a template we use for each of our 21-day challenges and the sections you are asking about usually apply to our Data Challenge. Admittedly, it is a little confusing: rest assured it has no impact on this challenge.

The fact remains, your best chance at winning any of the prizes of the 21DCC (Finalist, Daily, Team or Grand Prize) is to continue to crush these challenges on a daily basis until December 12th. Teams who complete the challenge from start to finish will end up with the exact same amount of points. The points are a means to enter your name more times and increase your odds of winning the prize lottery. A higher number of points will not guarantee a win.


Some of our eagle-eyed coding warriors noticed that our Ts & Cs also talk about individual participant point collection, and again, we humbly say, you were right. We dropped the ball here and, short of us grovelling at your space boots, the best we can do now is set the record straight moving forward. Along with the Team points updates, we will adjust participants’ points status: this will be a retroactive process, meaning you will receive the matching amount of points based on how far along you are in the Challenge completion journey.

Just like for teams, please be reminded that points do not equal a guarantee of winning the Grand Prize and they are merely a means to up your odds at winning that specific draw.

Finalist prizes and Daily prizes are not dependent on points, no changes there. To have a chance at one of the four Finalist prizes, you need to complete the 21 days of coding. To have a shot at a Daily prize, you need to complete that day’s challenge.

We appreciate your patience as we worked out our issues to show you the experience we really want you to have. We just want to delight you (and teach you some valuable coding superpowers at the same time! Oh, and shower you with wonderful prizes, too…because you’re worth it).

If you still have questions or are not sure about what this all means moving forward, shoot us an email!


  • Leaderboard will now show points based of the Terms & Conditions
  • Team view will show the point total next to the team name
  • The amount of point per user is visible in the ‘My Account’ page
  • Each challenge has been updated with the amount of points they are worth

If you don’t see the changes later today, make sure to do a force refresh (Shift+Ctrl+R or Shift+Command+R) to see the most up to date version!

TaTa, for now, Coding Warriors!


Appreciate the clarifications, it sounds much easier for folks to follow now! Couple questions:

Is there anything about the points system that factors in the “do these daily” mentions, such as awarding less points if you skip a day or two and then plat catch up? Or is it a set amount of points for completion and not dependent on date completed?

Do “number of attempts” factor in to the point system? If you accidently hit submit instead of test and get a fail, do you lose points?

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Hello MichaelBourne!

Good questions :slight_smile:

  • Points stays the same whenever you complete the challenges!
  • There is no maximum attempts for the code, so test away!

Thanks for your work!
Tommorow will be last challenge, would be provided any badge by the Lighthouse Team for a team or a participant if them had solved all challenges?