Max Team Size Not 4?

In the official terms and conditions teams should be limited to 4 people per team, but looking at the leaderboard, the top team has 10 points with 5 members. Is this just a bug or like a cache thing or are we allowed more than 4 members?

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I’ve also noticed this, the Dreme Teme has 5 members and 10 points

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Hi you two! Teams have a maximum of four, more details about it in that post:

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it doesn’t seem fair, if it was outlined before the contest that there is only 4 members per team. how would you be able to determine the team prize if teams are able to recruit anyone at any given time? assuming this is true, won’t it go towards whomever recruits the most people on their team after the contest began?

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Anyone wondering about how people are getting five members my team accidentally got 5. Obviously one left because 5 is cheating. But I am pretty sure the reason is if 2 people join at the same time. That’s how 5 members got in my group. Thanks.

More about this on this forum.

Logging on and seeing that this still isnt fixed really takes the fun out of this. It’s a company that teaches people how to code and they are having trouble with code. This isnt their first bbq either. Did they have this many problems in 2019 with the coding challenge then? Start punishing people for taking advantage of the system. The captains of the teams with 5 people should get a warning and if not solved in the next 24 hours, boot them. They obviously know better. With all the issues that have been poppin up (a new one seems to happen everyday) I find myself asking what the point in all this was. I love coding. I dont love this…

The person I talked to was very nice. I was talking to Monica the Communications Manager, what she said was that they are trying to message every group with 5 members. So hopefully that will be fixed soon. Another thing she mentioned was that they where going to fix the ranking system. I agree that they need to fix this it is frustrating. Have a good day.

Hi there!

Believe it or not, we are working HARD to fix the Leaderboard ranking system!

I understand it’s frustrating to see a team with more points because of their amount of players, and we contacted the relevant teams about this. By the end of the week, there will only be teams with 4 members with the adjusted points reflecting the number of people in the group.

Keep your eyes on the prize(s), literally: the team leaderboard is only for the final team prize at the end of the 21 day coding challenge, and doesn’t affect at all the daily prizes draw.

So get back to your challenge streak, you’re killing it out there! We’ve got the less fun, glitchy and buggy side of things covered, we promise!

Code on,

The Lighthouse Labs Team

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