Looking for a team

If anyone have some space left, please ping me. Happy coding.

Add me to the list of people looking for a team

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if you guys are active daily and engaging with the thread, we happen to have couple spots open, we’d love to have you

I have one spot left on my team for someone who is committed to completing every challenge :slight_smile:

@bena @Dressedupchips I’ve been keeping up with the daily challenges so far and just finished today’s challenge. I’d be happy to join any team that’s willing to have me!

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Looking for a team too !

If you’re looking for someone in the East Coast who does the challenges, send me a message ! :wave:

I just created a new team and looking for anyone who is committed to completing the challenge. Have a look and join the team at this link: https://coding-challenge.lighthouselabs.ca/teams/join/js-coders.

see my post below and join my team.

I joined the team !
4/4 members now

my team has 4 but two of the people haven’t done a single challenge so if anyone wants to join here’s the link

thanks for all the people who has join the team. Lets go all the way to the finishing line:-)

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Seems like there are still few coders that are solo. We still have couple seats empty, if you made it this far and still seeking for a team, please DM me here, and I’ll send you the invite.