Is there a discord?

Is there a discord where the winners are announced?

Not that I have seen but Iā€™m interested. I like the code highlighting features in Discord.

Isn't this their equivalent?

But yeah, love me a discord server. Anyone want to setup an unofficial 21DCC discord? :thinking:

const testJavaScriptOnForum = (param) => {
  console.log("Like this ?", param.attribute + 5);
  return "There is kinda a syntax highlighting, but I understand that Discord's can be better";

Ah. I totally missed the code block button. Actually having a hard time with this white on cyan colour scheme.

Iā€™d join a 21DCC discord.

It could be an interesting feature for a future challenge! It will be discussed after this one :slight_smile:


Hi folks! I love Discord and would be happy to set one up ā€“ @LHL-Team, mind if I go ahead, and is there a contact from the LHL team that would like to join in as a server moderator?

LHL would realistically set their own up if they wanted an official server.

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