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Welcome to the 21-Day Coding Challenge Forum!

Here is where we can all get to know each other a little better. If you are looking for a team, this is also a great place to announce it!

So let’s get started! Drop your username below and tell us how you first got interested in coding.

If you’re up for it, share a quirky fact about yourself to get the conversation going! We look forward to getting to know you!

The Lighthouse Labs Team


:wave: I’m Chris. I live just outside the Toronto area.

I’m starting the Bootcamp this month and thought this would make for some good practice!


Hello everyone!

I’m Brandin.

I’m a Lighthouse Labs mentor for the Ottawa region, and am the CTO of a startup here as well. I’ve been writing software professionally for just over 10 years now.

I’m excited for another 21 day challenge, and you’ll be able to find me every now and then poking my head into the forums to help you all accomplish your goals! If you get stuck on a problem, or really have any questions about my experience in the industry or with Lighthouse Labs, I’m always available!

This year will be a bit special for me, as my wife has decided to dip in her toes too! So we’ll be working through the challenges together at the same time as the rest of you.

Good luck to you all!


Hi, I’m Danielle. I’m a digital marketer recently turned product manager from Toronto who is trying to familiarize myself with more code and products that I previously only used in passing to fix problems or tweak things. I’m hoping the coding challenge will give me some extra incentive to keep learning.


Hi all, I am Heaven from Vancouver. I recently finished my Bootcamp in Data Science, so I am expanding my knowledge to more areas. I am excited about this challenge. Let me know if you want to be part of my team! and let’s learn together


Hi, I’m Saj. I’m an engineer and have previously worked in software development but got out of it a few years ago. I’m hoping to eventually get back in when I’m ready and thought the coding challenge would be a good way to refresh my knowledge :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Everyone!

I’m Christian currently living in Vancouver.
I have no coding experience as of yet, however I’m starting a learning journey for myself with the hopes of starting a new career sometime next year. I figured this 21 day coding challenge could be a good way for me to make the habit of pushing myself to code a little bit everyday and learn along the way.

Looking forward to this event,
Thanks Lighthouse Labs.


Hello everyone! I’m Chris and I live in Vancouver. I have been on my self taught journey for about 2 years. Looking forward to the challenges!


Dina here. I’m in the November cohort! I’m from the GTA, somewhat new to coding but looking forward to learning more every day! Excited for this challenge to begin


Bonjour hi!

I’m Veronica currently living in Montreal. ENG/FR are ok for me!

I’m new to coding and working my way through self-directed resources online, so I’m excited to join this challenge to vary it up.

I’ve crashed (joined) the QT3.14’s team for the awesome name, would love to meet teammates @MatthewND and @TelevisionBox if you’re around!

A quirky fact would be that I love snacking on cheddar cheese doused in yellow mustard. Yup. No bread or crackers, just the cheese and mustard. :drooling_face: :woman_shrugging:

Let’s rock this challenge!


My name is Ben. I’m pretty new to coding, and completely new to javascript, so this should be fun!

I started a team called Alphanumeric, if you haven’t found a team yet, please feel free to join it. All are welcome.

All the best to everyone, and good luck!


Hello Everyone ,

Rohit here from Calgary , I am taking up this challenge to get back to coding.i had left coding a few years ago.This challenge will help me get back to basics a.


Hi everyone.
My name is Mayada. I am living in Mississauga.
I am a beginner in web development, I found this is a good opportunity to motivate my self to learn JavaScript.
Good luck for every one.


Hi there,
My name is Robin, I am a high school teacher in the Niagara area, kinda new to coding and eager to learn…and pass it on.



I am Ken from Calgary. I studied computer science back in university but never really practiced it professionally. Looking to refresh my knowledge and get acquainted with writing code again.

I’ve created a group called Random NewB Four. Please feel free to join and we can learn and work together on the daily projects.

Cheers! :clinking_glasses:


Hello there,

My name is Julio, and I’m from Toronto. I’m currently a programming student at a local college here in Toronto. I am just here to get better at coding, and also to have fun!


Hi everyone,

My name is Mark and I’m from Vancouver. I will be graduating from UBC with a B.A. in Geography and a minor in Geographic Information Science (Spatial Analysis) later this month. I am looking to develop a stronger grasp on Javascript for its universal applicability on the web, especially as pertains to online mapping using libraries such as Leaflet and Mapbox. Furthermore, my hope is to become a more proficient programmer on the whole to aid my learning with Python for use in ArcGIS.

If you are new to coding or have an interest in using technology for the environment or the arts, hop on over to my team :slight_smile:


Hello fellow humans, My name is Rofiat Olusanya. I am starting BootCamp next week, Nov 22, and I am excited about this as both will challenge my javascript skill. Let’s goo Teammmm!!!


Hello all,

I’m Auguest from Toronto. I was a Mechanical Engineer for 4 years before I became a self-taught developer this year. I have developed a few web apps for my personal needs and am continuing working on more.

I am here for meeting new people while sharpening my coding skills.

Best of luck to you all, and more importantly: enjoy!


Hey everyone!

I’m Edwin from Scarborough! I’m starting the bootcamp on Jan 10 so I’m excited to get challenged a bit before the bootcamp actually starts!

I just started coding 2 weeks ago so I hope I’ll be able to tackle this challenge