Hi guys, Anyone interested or looking for a team please join "VancouverBUSY" ^^

Hi guys here is the link to join :smiley:


I clicked the link to explore, but it looks like I’ve joined! I’m just looking for somewhere to park my points for the prizes. If you guys need help with the challenges, feel free to reach out.

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thanks bro :slight_smile: same here, everyone is welcome

Yep - looks like we’ve got 4 on the team now. Let’s get coding! :nerd_face:

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no idea why our team isnt in the leader board also some teams has more than 4 members :joy:

Hi guys for help you guys can contact me thru facebook :slight_smile:

@MarkiePQ @humperpump @tif-lighthouse-van
Looks like we’re all doing well with the challenges so far. Here’s our team page if you haven’t found it already.

Give a shout here if you ever need any help.
I read on the forum that if teams are in a tie at the end, that it will come down to the first team where all team members finish their challenge first (i.e. by timestamp).


Yep, so let’s just try to be active and finish the challenges on time :slight_smile: right now were ranked #1 so lets keep it up :smiley:

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anybody having a problem with challenge 10? i cant pass and what i did was i summed all weatherSpeed then calculated the average, thanks :slight_smile:

Solved, problem with average calculation :slight_smile:

Glad you solved it! I hit a bump, but eventually caught that I failed to initialize the var I used to keep track of the sum. My console.log() doesn’t work - where does the output show up?

Hi jen i use an editor for every challenge, i get confused with the instruction sometimes kinda tricky lol

Does anyone know when the challenges go live? I’m up ridiculously early here on the west coast and yet still I’m never the first one on the team to solve the challenges :rofl:

9PM the previous day for pacific time people

I’m a night owl (also on the we[s]t coast), which is why I prob get to them first :grinning: That last one was the first one that took me more than a few tries - needed to figure out that you can’t return out of a forEach.

Hey team,
I need some help. I appear to get the correct result but it’s failing the test.

const checkAllGauges = (gaugeList) => {
  for(let i = 0; i < gaugeList.length; i++){
    if(gaugeList[i].current >= gaugeList[i].min && gaugeList[i].current <= gaugeList[i].max) {
      return true;


hey humper, the return statement stops the for loop, so to iterate i’ve used a variable and changes when theres a change, i sent you a message.

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