Hi fellow coders, anyone looking for a team, join awesome space coders :)

Hi, you can join my team here, looking for three more people :slight_smile: Lighthouse Labs - 21-Day Coding Challenge - Join Awesome space coders

Really liking the setup of this challenge so far :wink:

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Good day @jasminyas, your team just grew to 2.

I’m from Ontario in the GTA.
Let’s win this!


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Hey! nice to meet you ^^ feel free to poke/message me! for sure, let’s win this :smiley:

Is there space for one more? :smiley:

I’m pleased to see you are getting some teammates. Grats, and good luck!

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Sure! the more, the merrier :slight_smile: glad you joined the team

Just posting to say that the team is now complete. happy coding everyone

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