21 Day Coding Challenge

Help with Challenge 21!


I get the error “Your code ran but did not produce the correct result. Hint: confirm your functions are properly solving the challenge.” I’m not sure where my logic is off.

function returnToEarth(){
  var call1 = broadcast("x");
  var call2 = broadcast("y");
  var call3 = broadcast("z");
  call1 = decodeMessage(call1);
  call2 = decodeMessage(call2);
  call3 = decodeMessage(call3);
  call1 = parseInt(decodeMessage, 16);
  call2 = parseInt(decodeMessage, 16);
  call3 = parseInt(decodeMessage, 16);
  navigation.x = call1;
  navigation.y = call2;
  navigation.z = call3;

It looks like you are using parseInt to parse the function “decodeMessage” , as opposed to parsing the decoded message!


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