Challenge 21 Megathread

I am still getting no. 1 when I push it into the array

Good morning all. Congratulations on making it this far.
Your logic you show is is mostly correct.
You concatenate the strings, format them correctly.

Start building a return object.
The contents of the return object, specifically the transcripts array, and how you push the sentences into it are what matter.

Each sentence being it’s own entry, need to be assigned to the next cell in the array.

I can’t see your looping object in the sample code, so I’m not sure about your push/assignment iterations.

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R.I.P. Larry
(Return If Possible)


It might be the exchanges.origin / exchanges.messages. I just ran a console log for my code with that and its coming back as “origin” : “MC”, “message” : “So how is it out there?”

I noticed the output needed the origin and message removed. So trying to figure out how to do that.

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Thanks @LHL-Team! Some of the challenges almost SPELLed the end for the Bean Counters, but we made it through thanks to everyone who used the discussion forum, the tips and tricks, and lots of googling. Coming from zero javascript coding experience & very basic SQL & DAX knowledge, this was a great way to learn to code and we’ve all learned a tonne. So thank you! :slight_smile: :sun_with_face:


It’s been fun everyone. I thought this last one would be harder than it was for me…so I think I got better at Javascript by the end of the challenges! Good luck for the finalist prizes.

Anyone know what the discount code works out to?

I am sad to see these challenges end. I knew nothing about JS before starting. I feel like i learned during these challenges. With that said… I don’t know if i am heading the right direction. I can’t get the console.log to return anything for the exchanges so i am sure I am doing something is wrong. Any suggestions? Thanks!

const parseMissionSummary = (exchanges, missionData) => {
let origin = [];
let messages = [];
for (let i = 0; i < exchanges.length; i++) {
if (exchanges == exchanges[i].origin) {
} else if (exchanges == exchanges[i].messages) {
let transcript = {origin: messages};
let parseMessage = {transcript, missionData};
return parseMessage;

so far passing 2 tests failing 2 tests

its not filling the origin and messages containers…

const parseMissionSummary = (exchanges, missionData) => {
for (let i = 0; i < exchanges.length; i++){
transcript = [];
let theMessage = exchanges[i].origin + ": " + exchanges[i].message;
endoutput = {transcript, missionData};
return endoutput;

This is what I have so far, 3 passing tests. I can see that within my for loop, the console.log for transcript is the full desired transcript but outside of the for loop, transcript only returns the last line. Not sure how to keep the full transcript for the final output.

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NM i got it! was making it much more complicated than it needed to be. Challenge 12 really helped.


Thank you @LHL-Team for these challenges and for the story!

Looking forward to future ones :smiley:

Best of luck everyone and happy holidays! :christmas_tree: :tada:


You declared transcript = [] unconditionally inside of your for loop.
So every run of the loop will declare transcript as blank, then push the next message.


21 days and it’s finally the end. This is my very first coding challenge. I really learn a lot and I managed to stick through it till the end!! Thank you @LHL-Team and everyone who posted and helped. Really appreciated!

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DOH! Such a simple and silly thing to overlook. Thanks!


i believe your error is somewhere here…

here it’s taking an iteration and storing it in one place, ie over write so maybe do

which makes it an array, so no need to

and swap

brokensyntax’s correction fixed my whole thing! just had to move my transcript = [] line out of the loop essentially


Thank you @LHL-Team and everyone who helped in the forum for those incredibles 21 days. I really had fun! I always wanted to start coding and it was a really good beginning! I will continue to learn to ramp up my skills.

Happy Holidays!


We made it everyone!! congrats! I hope you all enjoy the upcoming holidays!

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I made a thread for my 21 solutions on twitter if anyone wants some guidance. I left comments to describe what my mindset was.


Did anyone else have a problem where the transcript is repeating it’s self like this

We did it!

Congratulations to everyone all of you who made it to day 21! Whether you are a beginner or an experienced developer, dedicating 21 days to programming is no small feat. We should all be proud of ourselves and each other for getting to this point in our programming journies. We must carry on the legacy of Larry.

If you are looking for more LinkedIn connections please feel free to reach out. Would love to connect with more tech peeps! Here is my LinkedIn:

It has been wonderful seeing all the progress and help on this forum. I have definitely expanded my knowledge of programming.

Best of luck and be well,

(aka, programming-padawan)