21 Day Coding Challenge

Challenge 19 Might have screwed up and now can't complete


So about 5 or so challenges ago, my code was giving errors for correct code. The solution seemed to be to take the code from the previous challenges out. When I did that, the new code worked. I now think it had to do with some of the challenges require us to call the function and some don’t – which they’ve since made clear. But now I am supposed to in #19, I think, call functions that I no longer have code for. I went back to the previous challenges to get what I typed from there and it’s all disappeared. It’s just the few lines I have now. I don’t think I understood that we’d need the past code since it seemed like keeping it was keeping me from progressing in the challenges. Am I screwed? Will I not be able to complete the challenge now without going back and doing all of them again?

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Hi Erika,

From my understanding, it saves just “one” code, so if you modify your code, during the Challenges, even if you look at the previous days, you’ll only have the code you’ve submitted in your most recent Challenge. :frowning:

If you want, I can send you, through direct message, my code for those three functions. I don’t usually share my code, but doing the three challenges over might be a bit much in a single day.

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Yeaa send it, it’s fine ! ~


Well it’s more for her to decide :wink: I don’t mind sending it, but perhaps she’d prefer to do them once more… I’d use the opportunity to do them in a different way, but then again, I read every single post, so sometimes, I’m intrigued to test some of the suggestions people send :slight_smile:


Hey Seb, yeah, I think that would be helpful. I actually don’t mind going back and rewriting either, since it sounds like I really would just need those three, but I bet I learn something simply from seeing how you approached it. I HAVE been having fun and want to finish. With that last challenge where we needed call a bunch of functions at once, I must have still had all the pieces. I should have just saved my complete code elsewhere before I took it out. I didn’t realize it didn’t save our work for each day, but just one file for the whole challenge. :frowning:

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Ok, I’ve just sent them to you.

Cheer :slight_smile:

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