21 Day Coding Challenge

Challenge 15 - It can't be that easy!


A friend has shown me that she was able to pass Challenge #15 with no more than the following:

function calibrate() {


Seems to be a little incomplete to me… :wink:

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:slight_smile: Yes, that is a hack.

Because of some of the previous issues around whether the function should be called by you or the ship, different people had different implementations, so we decided to remove some of the stricter checks on this challenge (this challenge only).

You can choose to hack the calibrate function as your friend showed you, or write out the solution as described in the challenge. It won’t impact your next challenges.


:ghost::fire::woman_mage: SHE MUST BE A WITCH :ghost::fire::woman_mage:

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Nah! Just a pretty smart and fast learning Cookie! :wink:

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