21 Day Coding Challenge

[Bug: Challenge #17] Cannot read active of undefined for 4 days


I guys !

I’m stuck on challenge #17 for 4 days.
I got this error :

it’s mean that my ship doesn’t not have an active key.
I tried to intializate it, but it won’t accept has a valid answer.

I can’t finish the challenge T_T

I’m sad and will hug mu companion cube [ <3 ]


Hi Diane,
Did you declare the variable ship somewhere in your code? That’s most likely your problem.

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God dammit … I did …
Since Challenge #4 I think
We should have a parser that validate the code from candidate OR a way to override all varibale declared by the candidate

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It took us a while to figure that error out, the first time we saw it… :wink: