Books for Javascript

Does anyone have some recommendations on some books one can pick up? I like having paper references as well as websites available to me when learning something

I’m not sure about books, but is a great online resource not just for Javascript but for a bunch of other languages. And it’s free!

try Udacity free course
Intro to JavaScript - Udacity
and later
workshopper/javascripting: Learn JavaScript by adventuring around in the terminal. (

  • One of my first and favorite resources is Eloquent JavaScript [LINK] by Marijn Haverbeke. Best part? 100% FREE!
  • Then there is Jon Duckett’s JavaScript and JQuery: Interactive Front-End Web Development.
  • You also have Data Structures and Algorithms with JavaScript by Kashyap Mukkamala. Additionally, Loiane Groner’s JavaScript Data Structures and Algorithms.
  • Thomas Valentine and Jonathan Reid have also written the JavaScript Programmer’s Reference. I’m kinda glad I don’t have a physical copy of this O_O
  • If you’re interested in crypto/blockchain and how JavaScript can be used in that area you can look at Eric Traub’s Blockchain Programming with JavaScript (Disclaimer: I haven’t finished this book yet)
  • Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook by Federico Kereki (This is a good book early on.)

I get the overwhelming majority of my books digitally because I buy bundles through Humble Bundle pretty regularly (physical books are several orders of magnitude more expensive) so I’ve been slowly working through my collection. These however were a few JavaScript books that I had in my collection and have found useful so far and would recommend to anyone trying to learn JavaScript.


Awesome, thanks guys I will check into some of these