All about teams!

Hello everyone!

As some of you may have seen, some teams have currently more than four members. It seems a glitch in the early registration process made that possible. Those teams will be contacted.

In terms of scoring and points for teams, we will restructure how challenge completions points are assigned to teams so if a friend join your team after completing a challenge, those will be accounted on your total.

Those changes should be reflected in the leaderboard soon.

Have a nice evening!

The Lighthouse Labs Team


Hey I have noticed this too. Tbh my group had 5 members too. We felt bad so one of our members left. And this was before the challenge started so we didn’t interfere. I think I know why this happened. The group I was going to join already had 4 member and I didn’t notice. But one of the members accidentally left. They rejoined when I tried to join. Meaning we joined at the same time. Causing 5 members. I would appreciate it if you guys could fix this problem for a fair chance. Also I think your ranking system is strange. Are group was the first group to 8 points so we were in first for a while. But when other groups got to 8 we got knocked out of first. That doesn’t make sense because the group that gets to a number first should stay on top. They shouldn’t get knocked down. So I was just wondering how it is ranked when people have that same amount of points. Thanks, all I want is a fair chance. Cheaters aren’t fun.

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Hi! I’m Monica, Communications Mgr at Lighthouse Labs. We love coders with integrity!! And don’t you worry, we are contacting teams with more than 4 members to address the situation and level the playing field for everyone.

Your point is totally valid and we are going to address the rankings to match the exact point system soon!

Technically if teams have the same number of points, they are tied for the same spot UNTIL the last day of the challenge. The “tie-breaker” will be whoever submits the correct answers first on the last day, meaning the time the last team member submits their challenge is what will be recorded as final entry in the timeline.

Does that make sense?


Yes it makes sense. That makes me feel better now that I know. I am glad you can help me. I am very happy that Lighthouse Labs is doing this. It is a very good way for kids to learn. I personally don’t know JS I use C++ so it is nice to learn it. Thank you Monica

Hi Monica,
Thank you! Quick question, should we worry if we can’t find our team name on Leadership Board?

Hi Ben! What is your team’s name? I’ll let our tech team know to look for it. Thanks!

I had the same issue. Using Chrome the leaderboard does not show the big green “Load More” button. Using Edge it does.

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(force refresh) solved the problem for me.


_0_A Alphabetically#1, thank you!

Got it, thanks! Did you try what @Colo_1 suggested?

yup, did try that before I read his solution, but again I’m using Firefox, something there? And yes I still get ‘load more’ which is all good, but we don’t exist :crazy_face:

Edit: WE EXIST…thank you