Adding new team members

Good morning,

I shared the link to our team with some friends/educators and they tried to join but it gave them an error that the team was full - but we only have 5 members in the team - what is the max again? am I sharing the correct details?



Having the same issue, we only have 4 members, but there is an error saying the team is full. However I see some teams already have 5 people?

Having same issue. I cannot join a team even though there are only 4 members currently. What’s the cap this year? 4 seems terribly small especially with no announcement.

The team can have a maximum of 4 unfortunately

There are definitely some teams with 5 though - for example, Club Dynamo has 5.

There could be improvements to reduce the confusion. ie: When searching for teams, if the team is already full, instead of being able to click on ‘Join’, it should be disabled and say ‘Full’.

Canada Learning Code team has 6 members

Its a glitch, My group had this basically if 2 people join at the same time then there can be 5.