A note to beginners - clever solutions

If you are a beginner and are reading the megathreads for each challenge, you may have noticed that some people are posting some really clever solutions. I wanted to tell you that the goal shouldn’t be to write the most clever or least-amount-of-lines solution, it should be to write a solution that is readable and clean. This can be a heated topic, and I don’t intend for this thread to be a debate on the topic.

My suggestion is to stick to writing code that you understand, and don’t worry if you’re not coming up with these clever lines, or that you don’t understand them. It’s ok. In my experience with working on a very large codebase at work, there is no clever code anywhere. It’s so big that it needs to stay simple and readable in order to follow whats happening and be maintainable.

Here are some articles on this topic:

Note: if you write clever solutions to these challenges, and you enjoy it, that’s great. I’m just trying to help out the beginners to not get discouraged by seeing the clever solutions and thinking that that’s what they need to aim for, or that it’s the ideal solution.

Thanks to @codeOnMaster for the words of wisdom!